New Leatherworking Classes

Many people have read the information about my Saddle Making School and have contacted me regarding other leatherworking classes. I have considered these requests and developed two new classes. Each will be five days long with approximately eight hours training per day. The cost will be $1,500 per class. Students will have the option of renting a room from us for the week. See the Saddle Making School page for complete information on lodging. For students with a desire to learn and willingness to practice their skills, these classes will enable them to make products for personal use or to sell in their own small businesses.

Class on Holsters, Gun Belts and Rifle or Shotgun Scabbards

During this class, you will learn to design and build holsters for any type firearm. This includes gun belts, holsters and shoulder holsters. You will also learn rifle scabbard construction. You will either build one pistol holster and belt or one rifle scabbard designed to fit the weapon of your choice to take home with you. You will learn what tools are used and where to acquire them. You will learn the proper type materials to be used for the different types of holsters, belts and scabbards. Another skill you will be taught is how to case leather to make a molded fit for particular firearms. How to do border tooling is included. Considering the number of new firearms on the market for which there are no holsters or scabbards readily available, the skills taught in this class could help a student develop a profitable business in custom leatherworking.

gun sleeve

Above is one of the class graduates.

Class on Construction of Saddlebags, Chest Straps, Head Stalls and Leather-Covered Canteens

For those people who enjoy small projects that are done rather fast, I am offering a five day class (eight hours per day) on the design and construction of saddlebags, chest straps and head stalls (bridles) and leather-covered canteens. You will learn to design your own patterns, what tools are needed and the proper leather and hardware for these particular projects. You will also learn where to purchase these supplies. During this class, you will have the option of building a set of saddlebags or a chest strap and headstall or a leather-covered canteen that will be yours to take home. You will do a border tool on your project. When you complete this class, you will have been taught the skills necessary to design and construct these projects for yourself or for sale in your own small business.

gun sleeve

Above are some of the class graduates.

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